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Enhancing liberal
democracy and healthy
political discourse

RoN Politics (RoNP) is a digital solution that moves politically-charged topics out of “fake news” and into constructive, fact-based dialogue. This tool enables politicians, candidates, and political parties to share their views in a clear and transparent manner, while at the same time, holds officials accountable through public fact checking, and real time correction of misinformation.

Why RoNP?

Around the globe, the line between opinion and fact is blurring and political and civil discourse is eroding. Increasingly, voters are suspicious of politicians, civic institutions and the integrity of the democratic process, fueling seeds of civil unrest. With media polluted by fake news and siloed into partisan echo chambers, it is hard to determine fact from fiction in the post-truth era. Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need for open accountability to promote and protect free democratic dialogue.



RoN Politics (RoNP) is a technology solution that equips politicians, candidates, and political parties with tools to engage in open, liberal, democratic debate. The platform increases public accountability through real-time fact checks and enables users to quickly correct and respond to misinformation with timeliness and relevance.



RoNP, protects and promotes truthful political discourse and provides the preconditions for a trusting, engaged, and informed society.



Politicians and candidates

Politicians and candidates can transmit clear and transparent communication to the public, free of ‘spin’ from fake news.
Politicians and candidates in allowing the person cited in their communications to reply in a timely and relevant way, wil confirm the validity of their communication and offer a fair and open view on a specific fact or position.
Politicians and candidates will be perceived, also by their opponent, as open and honest, held accountable through RoNP’s real-time fact check and correction of misinformation.


Governments promotes healthy political discourse and increases trust and accountability in public institutions, reducing likelihood of civil unrest.

Voters and the general public

RoNP promotes an engaged and informed society. Combats voter’s alienation and distrust in civic institutions and democratic process.


RoN Politics (RoNP) empowers politicians, candidates, and political parties to engage in open, liberal, democratic debate through RoNP’s four patented tools:

About Me, About you

Always be informed of any web content – an article, image, video, blog, forum – which mentions or quotes the politician, candidate or party in any manner; have all content automatically updated and available on a single page, with new content specifically noted;

Speak Truth

Respond to content by writing a reply and offering evidence of facts, help the public to draw accurate conclusions by offering evidence and contextualisation of content.

Offer debate

Offer to the person cited and/or to the opponent, in the candidate communication to respond to a specific content by offering them to write a reply and open up in that way a fair debate on a specific facts, declaration and assumption.

Response Available

Signal to voters and the general public on other search engines, that your response to content is available.

Public talk

Collect, organize and review all content about you and your opponent in one single certified online repository. Compare you and your opponent’s platform and voting history, see how this compares to factual data in dashboard that is available for public viewing.

Statistics and Quotes

Statistics and Quotes

“Fake news websites received 159 million visits during the month of the 2016 US election, with the veracity of many of the most widely-shared pro-Trump news stories called into question.” – Stanford University

Statistics and Quotes

“As many as 30 governments paid “opinion shapers” to promote potentially misleading propaganda content online” – Freedom House

Statistics and Quotes

“Only a third of Americans trust their government “to do what is right”—a decline of 14 percentage points from 2018” – Edelman Trust Barometer

Statistics and Quotes

“The lifeblood of democracy is a common understanding of the facts and information that we can then use as a basis for negotiation and for compromise,” David Bersoff, Lead Researcher, Edelman Report

Global examples

70% of Donald Trump’s “factual” statements actually fall into the categories of “mostly false,” “false” and “pants on fire” untruth.”Politifact

“For the Brexit referendum, ‘Vote Leave’ argued that European Union membership costs Britain 350 million pounds a week, but failed to account for the money received in return.” – The Guardian

“According to Datafolha Research, 44% of voters in Brazil use WhatsApp to read political and electoral information. Unfortunately, in the lead-up to the first round of the presidential election on Oct. 7, the app was used to spread alarming amounts of misinformation, rumors and false news.” – NYTimes

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