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journalists, bloggers, newspapers, and editors face the risk of lawsuits from people mentioned in their online content.


Individuals may pursue legal action against a media outlet if they believe content is defamatory and that they aren’t given a chance to reply to it.

Lawsuits can have a significant impact in terms of time, money and reputation.

To avoid the risk of legal action against them, news outlets might engage in self-censorship, which can ultimately degrade freedom of the press.



Through RoN, a person mentioned in an article is informed by the media outlet about the content talking about them and has the chance to immediately reply if they perceive content to be potentially misleading


Their answer will be published at the same time and will have the same relevance and search engine ranking as the article talking about them.


RoN provides the media industry with an innovative and easy-to-use tool that allows them to avoid expensive and time consuming legal consequences from the individuals cited in their articles.


For the Media Industry

1.To get ahead of competitors in the fight against misinformation and fake news.

2.Show integrity and honesty, as well as a willingness to keep the public debate open and transparent.

3.Ensure the right to freedom of the press as well as the right of reply.

4.Limit the threats of time consuming and expensive lawsuits and defamatory claims.

5.Increase loyalty amongst the readers.

For the Public

1.Give readers access to multiple perspectives of one piece of content, and form a full and unbiased opinion of a person or event.

2.Give individuals mentioned in articles a chance to respond with their truth at the same time the content is published.

How Does RoN Work?

RoN software integration into a newsvpaper’s CMS.

The software is created to adapt easily and quickly to different platforms.

When a journalist mentions a specific person in an article, the system will automatically send a standard message  giving that individual the opportunity to reply.

“We are writing an article about you. If you want to reply, register at and post your answer”.

If the person cited wants to reply to an article, they need to register to RoN and prove their identity.

RoN is responsible for verifying the identity.

Once registered, an individual can review all the articles that mention them (even those already published in the past) and reply to each of them.

The RoN logo and the answer will appear automatically and simultaneously on the link to the article, both in the main search engines and on the social media shares.

The reply will have the same relevance and search engine ranking of the article.

An RoN pop-up containing the answers of the person(s) mentioned will appear on each article. The readers will be able to review the answers simply by clicking on the RoN logo.

Right of Reply is so certain of the technical and legal validity of its solution that it offers newspapers, bloggers and editors using the system, to cover all legal costs due to lawsuits from the persons mentioned in their articles. Details of the legal coverage can be provided upon request.